Friday, April 8, 2011

over the wire

one reason why i wanted chickens is because i am kind of afraid of them.  i have unrealistic expectations about them too.  like when i want to pick one up i want them to act like a dog or a cat, a friendly one, and at least stop running so i can pick them up.

but they don't do that.  especially if they aren't your chicken.

we came home last night to discover the neighbor's chicken in our yard- one of them, they have several.  all the other gals were locked up tight in the coop.  this poor ameraucana was pacing at the fence line trying to get back to her peeps. 

seren and i set to it.  whenever we got close to it she's try to climb through the fence, squawk and flap her wings.  it was loud and big and i retreated.  seren did too.  i laughed at us and kept remarking how silly it was to be scared of her even though i still could not get a hold of her.  if i was a coyote i would go hungry.

i gave up.  walked inside to call the neighbor- she said she'd send someone over.  but then seren was  able to get the chicken and toss her over the fence.  he cornered her and then with his thin arms stretched out in front, his face scrunched and turned he grabbed hold of her and lifted her rump up over the hogwire to the familiar grass of her yard.  the neighbor gals were there to open the coop.

i did it! he yelled. seren bounded toward me with pride springing out of him like a water from a sprinkler.

i overcame my fear!  i have courage!

just like that.  he did it.  then this morning the chicken was back.  and again he tossed it right over the fence.  now that fear that was there is replaced by knowledge.  unknown has been conquered.  from chicken to courage.  courage from chicken.

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