Monday, August 16, 2010

think less, write more

my favorite question is "what if?"- that one often gets me into trouble in my head.  it is a great place to start when writing though.  "what if i started to blog?" i asked myself one day.  i was inspired by a local artist, jessica bonin, who has a blog called "one a day."  each day she posts a piece of art that she has created that day.  the idea being that having a blog would help keep her accountable.  after viewing her daily contributions to the beauty in the world i started to imagine what writing each day would be like.

the next question i often ask myself is "why?"  and the answer here is simple.  writing is something that i enjoy but do not yet do often enough.  the more i write, the more i write.  and so- here is my blog.

as i was zipping through the fields to get this thing up and going the naming of the blog popped up.  normally i would think a lot about something like naming a blog.  but with my two boys milling about around me i wondered what they would name my blog.  at that moment, the naked 2 year old we call Cyrus demanded "mama, up!"  he is now laying in my lap nursing as i write this, and he has the honor of having named my blog.

the more i think on it- the perfectness of the name grows on me.  mamas help folks get up all the time.  we pick up and sometimes we give up.  this blog will help me giddy up.

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